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Hitta hit karta

World Orienteering Championships is located in Strömstad and Tanum in the North of Bohuslän, Sweden. 

Distance to Strömstad:

  • Rygge, Moss (RYG) 70 km
  • Gardemoen (OSL) 180 km
  • Landvetter (GOT) 190 km
  • Kastrup (CPH) 470 km
  • Stockholm (ARN) 510 km

Car-, train- and bus conections:

  • Oslo – Strömstad, 100 min (car), 160 min (bus) 
  • Gothenborg – Strömstad, 110 min (car), 140 min (train)
  • Stockholm – Strömstad, 360 min (car or train)
  • Kopenhagen – Strömstad, 300 min (car), 360 min (train)


Travel With Public Transport during the WOC-Week

From an environmental perspective we urge you to use the buses and trains and leave the car at home. Västtrafik, the public transport company in the region, is running all the regional trains and buses in Bohuslän and Västra Götaland.

This includes also boat traffic. Västtågen is the train between Göteborg and Strömstad and there are stations in Tanum and Skee as well as Strömstad. Buses run between the villages.

You can buy one-way tickets, but the most cost efficient way to use the public transport is to buy a card; Västtrafikkortet, at the cost of SEK 50 which have to be topped up with at least SEK 100. This can then be topped up when needed. This card is not personal but can be used by anyone.The card is sold at the following shops. In Strömstad: Coop Forum, Oslovägen 1, Pressbyrån, Södra Hamngatan. Tanumshede: Coop Extra, Tanums Shoppingcenter, ICA Supermarket Hedemyrs. Fjällbacka: Coop Konsum Jasminvägen 2, Grebbestad: Coop Konsum, Nedre Långgatan. Regarding travel in other counties, please see the link to  Västtrafik below.Children under the age of 7 travel free and 7-19 year old travel at a reduced price.

Västtrafikkortet can be used if you want to go on outings on non-competing days. For example, you can use the card and travel cheap on the post boat in the archipelago of Fjällbacka and there is even a boat that takes you to Halden.

Read more about Västtrafik at: https://www.vasttrafik.se/ and use the route planner to plan your trips in advance.

Bus/train times that might be of interest, there are of course earlier/later options.

Saturday 20/8:
Sportshopen 09.14-Tanumshede- Strömstads station 10.16     Bus 878 + 871
Strömstad station 20.00 – Tanumshede- Sportshopen 21.20    Bus 870 + 878

Sunday 21/8:
Sportshopen 09.20- Tanumshede- Strömstad station 10.45      Bus 878 + 871