15 Sep, 2016

Thank You Very Much!

The organisers of WOC 2016 would like to thank all landowners, volunteers, sponsors, the…
27 Aug, 2016

WOC women’s relay: Russia win after many lead changes

Natalia Gemperle brought Russia first to the finish in an exciting women’s race in which…
27 Aug, 2016

WOC Men’s Relay: gold to Norway

The Norwegian team of Carl Godager Kaas, Olav Lundanes and Magne Dæhli ran very…
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Arena Tolvmanstegen

The organisers has recently found a quite old map (1959) special made for orienteering which cover the embargoed area of Tolvmanstegen  where some of the PreO-competions of WTOC 2016 will take place.

Tolvmanstegen (a very free translation “Tvelwe men steps” but certainly totally wrong)  is a large area of semi-open rock, former wilderness but since 2012 a large wind-power farm is estabished. 2004 parts of the area were devasted by a forest fire.

When the wind-power farm was planned an archaeological enand cultural investigation was made. See the link below(only in Swedish but there are a lot of maps and photos)


Tollmanstegen 1959

Tollmanstegen 1959 utsnitt


Arena Strömstad East: Löveråsfjället

Löveråsfjället is a small mountain situated in the north part of the embargoed area around Arena Strömstad East. Here you will find Björnerödspiggen, the highest peak of the Bohuslän county; 222 m above sea level!

Bild Loverasfjallet



Arena Strömstad East: Krokstrand




Arena Strömstad: Strömstad Nord

Stromstad Nord image rot



Arena Strömstad: Strömstad Centrum

Bild Stromstad


Arena Saltö: Saltö

This map cover the embargoed area for Arena Saltö. Here will one of the preO competitions in WTOC take place.

Saltö Nature Reserve is described in the Swedish text at the map. This is a short translation of the text:

“Islands in northern Bohuslän are unique on the Swedish west coast. From the north part of Tanum, further north by Strömstad and into Norway stretches spontaneously arising pine forests totally out to sea. The northern location in combination with protection of the Norwegian mountains, are the main reasons why these forests succeed to survive in the coastal area. Saltö Nature Reserve is a good representative of those forests where pine reaches considerable size and age.

In sheltered positions there are stocks where age of some trees is 2-300 years. This is the main reason that the area enjoys a sanctuary protection, and not primarily for to protect fauna.

Because of the area's conservation value has Idefjordens Sportklubb selected a high restrictiveness in terms of competition and training events on the map, which means that only spontaneous training may take place without the club's consent. Organised activities may only be by Idefjordens Sportklubb permission and after approval of the Administrative Board of Västra Götaland.”

Bild Salto