15 Sep, 2016

Thank You Very Much!

The organisers of WOC 2016 would like to thank all landowners, volunteers, sponsors, the…
27 Aug, 2016

WOC women’s relay: Russia win after many lead changes

Natalia Gemperle brought Russia first to the finish in an exciting women’s race in which…
27 Aug, 2016

WOC Men’s Relay: gold to Norway

The Norwegian team of Carl Godager Kaas, Olav Lundanes and Magne Dæhli ran very…
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In 2016 the World Orienteering Championships will take place in the area of Bohuslän in Sweden. During the World Championships week medals will be awarded within traditional orienteering (WOC) as well as precision orienteering (WTOC). Competitors will face challenging terrain and beautiful natural landscapes along the way to achieving their sporting dreams. Spectators will also get to enjoy Sweden’s natural beauty when participating in ROC, the spectator races.

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